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Updated: Oct 19, 2023

My Sofa Cleaning helps you get rid of the smelly and greasy sofas with our professionally trained experts

Sofas are the king of our living rooms- don't you resonate with this thought? Don't we all love our evening sip of coffees sitting on the comfortable sofas? We all do, right? But as much as we like flaunting it, we all hate it when it starts to smell or when our kid leaves those ugly-looking stains. Maintaining those radiant and non-greasy sofas are indeed a tough job but what if you get the best sofa cleaning services with no hassle. Imagine you could easily get rid of that bad odour, stubborn stains, body grease, dog hair, food crumbs, pests, and termites with some clicks and swipes only! Well, with our professional sofa cleaning services, we offer you all this at the most pocket-friendly rates.

So, if you have just invited your guests and you are worried about your dull, smelly, and stained sofas, all you need to do is visit the most affordable sofa cleaning services in Ahmedabad- My Sofa Cleaning, and we will be there in no time.

Why should you take professional sofa cleaning services?

If you want to resolve one or more of these problems, then getting a professional sofa cleaning service is highly recommended.

· Unhealthy: The allergens, pests, and termites not only harm your sofas and couches but also directly leads to many allergies and lung-related health issues. So, we never suggest you to neglect or delay booking an expert sofa cleaning company in Ahmedabad.

· Odour: Your sofa is the center point of your house and we are sure you don’t want that happy place to be smelly; the professional machine cleaning from My Sofa Cleaning helps you get complete rid of it.

· Increases the longevity of your sofa and couch: We often spin around from one shop to another before we finally get our perfect sofa. Getting them cleaned regularly not only brings back the radiance but also increases the life of your furniture. So, if you don’t want to invest in your sofa year after year, do get them cleaned regularly.

· Radiant appearance: With little or no care, our sofa sets lose their shine, but if you invest in our best sofa cleaning services, we will promise a shiny-as-new sofa that will again be the happy center of your home.

My Sofa Cleaning is well equipped with all the latest and best tools that are used by our professionally trained cleaners who follow a systematic approach that leads to a shiny, stain-free, and scented sofa.

How often should you call “sofa cleaners near me”?

If you love sitting on your expensive and elegant sofas, then you should ring My Sofa Cleaning:

· Once in every 8 weeks.

· As soon as you see ugly-looking stains.

· When your sofa starts emitting a foul smell.

· Before or after a get-together.

Why chose My Sofa Cleaning?

Here are a few facts about My Sofa Cleaning that will definitely convince you to choose us whenever you think of giving your sofas professional treatment.

· Trained and professional experts: We are a team of professionally trained furniture cleaning experts who are dedicated towards offering you the best sofa cleaning services in Gujarat.

· Services available in all major cities: Our services can be availed in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, and Rajkot. All you need to do is just pick your phone and call us. Our experts will be present at your doorsteps within no time.

· No compromise with quality: We respect our customers and their decision of choosing us amongst so many sofa cleaning companies, so we do not compromise with the quality of work. We can't afford to lose the trust of our clients because we believe in long-term relationships.

· Pocket Friendly: My Sofa Cleaning comes with no aim of creating a big hole in your pocket. We care for our customers and therefore we also offer insurance coverage of up to Rs. 10,000 so that you do not have to take any pain of the damage while investing in our sofa cleaning services.

· Customer Friendly: We have a zero-tolerance policy towards any kind of unprofessional or unfriendly behavior from any of our staff members. Our team is tutored to be polite, professional, and well-spoken.

What is included in our cleaning services?

FABRIC SOFA:-Dry Vacuum, Shampoo, Wet Vacuum

LEATHER SOFA:-Dry Vacuum, Cleaning, Polish

Steps involved in our sofa cleaning process

· Our multi-steps sofa cleaning process starts with dry vacuuming the surface to suck the dry dirt.

· Next up, our expert cleaners make sure they handpick all the wrappers, pencil shavings, food crumbs, etc. stuck at the corners.

· After dry vacuuming and handpicking, we apply the foam base (TR 101) and gently brush the entire surface of your sofa to get rid of all the stains, germs, grease and dirt.

· And finally, we go for another round of vacuum cleaning to extract all the leftover dirt.

· Ta-da!! Your sofa is shiny-as-new. Go ahead and flaunt it!

General DO’s and DON’Ts after the sofa cleaning process

· We suggest you to refrain from sitting on your sofa for a few immediate hours after the cleaning process is done. This will help the chemicals to evaporate completely.

· Keep the sofa in open or in a well-ventilated room.

How to reach out to us?

My Sofa Cleaning offers its professional sofa cleaning services in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat(OPEN SOON), and Rajkot. All you need to do is just pick your phone and call us on 8200685053.

## Please note, we do not remove permanent inks, oil marks, paints and other stubborn stains.

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