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Home Deep Cleaning SERVICE in Ahmedabad

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

All About Home Deep Cleaning Service.

Deep Cleaning Service By ‘My Sofa Cleaning’

An increasingly hectic lifestyle doesn’t allow people to spare enough time for house cleaning. No matter if you are a housewife or a working woman the life is always on the run. Hence, a task like home cleaning every day has now become a cleaning house every weekend.

Therefore, it’s leading to build-up dust, germs and insects in various corners of the house. Which ultimately leaves you with bad stinks, different infections and allergies?

Although you manage to spare time on particular days to clean the home thoroughly, the countless efforts and hard work it demands will leave you tired and exhausted at the end of the day. Moreover, you may never know how many days you are going to take to complete the task and get your home cleaned as per the requirements.

Therefore, ‘My Sofa Cleaning’ has come to your rescue. Yes, as long as deep cleaning is concerned, we are the experts, most trusted and highly recommended for a house cleaning services in all over Ahmadabad.

The best time to book My Sofa Cleaning’s deep cleaning services.

1. Before moving into a house.

2. Before or after a party or wedding.

3. After a renovation.

4. Whenever you feel the need for deep home cleaning.

5. For a regular basis, every 3 or 4 months later.

Why should you hire us for deep cleaning?

We clean each nook and corner of your home from Top to Bottom. Moreover, our cleaning techniques and talented professional staff fights with each spot, dirt and marks with every equipment they have to ensure your house look clean, fresh and almost new.

We follow all the precautions.

Even in the situations like covid19, you don’t need to be concerned while hiring us as our team will follow all the precautions. Moreover, we use only 100% safe and eco-friendly chemicals.

We are budget-friendly

We understand the value of your hard-earned. Hence, we provide a wide range of professional cleaning services at an affordable price with multiple options that would fit easily in your budget.

Our Team

Our team members undergo rigorous training from basic cleaning task to handling specific cleaning tools. Not just that, we also make sure that they are soft-spoken and well behaved.

Apart from this, we take complete responsibility for our cleaning staff. We give all-important gears to ensure safety.

Below are the services we have included in deep house cleaning.

1.Living Room and Bedroom Deep Cleaning

1.Vacuuming by Machine and deep cleaning.

2.Window Blinds &Door Curtains Dusting.

3.Floor mopping (Scrubbing is available with extra charges)

4.Ceiling and wall Dusting. ( wall washing is available with extra charges)

5.Door & Window Cleaning from inside and outside.

6.Electrical Fixture &Outer body of Electronics Cleaning. (switches, lights, fans etc)

7.Carpet, sofa and curtains cleaning followed by dry vacuuming. (shampooing is available with extra charges)

8.Cupboards outside and inside. (only if naked)

9.Cobwebs Removal.

2.Outdoor Area deep cleaning




5.Grill, outdoor area

3.Bathroom Deep Cleaning

1.The efficient chemical is being used to remove stains and dirt on the wall and floor tiles all over the bathroom.

2.Proper cleaning of the sink, WC, toilet seat, fittings, taps, door frame, exhaust fan, etc.

Note: We are not responsible for removing completely the stubborn hard water stains that are deep into the bathroom tiles and stubborn rust stains on the tap. However, we will try our best to make them lighter.

4.Kitchen deep cleaning

1.Grease removed from different spots of your kitchen such as chimney and stove.

2.Washing, wiping and disinfecting of all surfaces, including the tiles, floor, etc.

3.External cleaning of kitchen appliances such as microwave, oven, fridge, toaster, etc

4.Removal of stains and grease from all surfaces such as ceiling fans, exhaust fans, kitchen sink, switchboards, burners, chimney hoods and all other stainless steel and chrome fittings, storage cabinets, etc.

5.Inside doors, door handles and cupboard cleaning. (only if cupboards are naked)

6.Removing, re-arranging and washing of the utensils in the cabinets. (if you choose the kitchen cleaning with utensil removal option)

We cover the damage

Suppose any accidental damage would occur during the home cleaning process from our side. Then, we are intended to offer insurance coverage up to Rs. 10,000. As we never let our customer suffer. Therefore, we are high in demand for deep cleaning house services, as our customers are ensured that their house is in safe and right hands.

The equipments we use for deep cleaning.

  1. Vacuum cleaner

  2. Scotch Brite scrubber

  3. Small wipers

  4. Bucket

  5. Toilet brush

  6. Disposable bags

  7. Hard cloth duster

  8. Mops

  9. Microfiber duster

  10. Soft broom

  11. Mugs

  12. Mini Scraper

13. Professional grade cleaning solutions and disinfectants by Diversey.

When you collaborate with us, we offer you to sit back and relax as we are here to give your home a look like a new one. So what are you waiting for? Call us now to have this feeling.

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