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What is Disinfection ( Sanitization) Service?

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Sanitizing is the process of lowering the bacterial numbers to below a certain percentage.

Sanitizing is the removal of contaminants that could grow bacteria

WHAT IS STERILE FUME? Sterilizing is the complete destruction of Bacteria and Virus

In MY SOFA CLEANING we do Sanitization with Sterilization – this way it is more effective as it not only brings down bacterial numbers but it also DESTROYS the VIRUS. Why STERILE FUME? STERILE FUME is cleaning an article of some or all of the pathogenic organisms which may cause infection. Why Now? Sporadic cases of COVID- 19 and other bacteria and virus related infections How STERILE FUME Service – Microbial Disinfection helps? Sterile Fume Spray – Microbial Disinfection is an effective treatment designed by MY SOFA CLEANING Sterile Fume – uses a unique formulation with powerful composition that surpasses all other disinfectants. Sterile Fume will be carried out with the selected chemical using Ultralow volume misting machines (ulvs). Ensure all sensitive equipment’s such as PCs, photocopier machine, printers and etc. are covered with plastic sheets or newspaper and all air conditions are turned “off” prior to this treatment being carried out The enclosed treatment area will be exposed with the solution for a minimum of 03 hours Premise is ready to use after 03 hours of the treatment.


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