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  • What is Home Cleaning Service including and how to work?
    FULL HOME DEEP CLEANING When you come home from a long day, you would like to come to a decluttered and clean environment. We are here to make this possible as we provide Full Home Deep Cleaning services, we clean every nook and corner of your home from Top to Bottom. Sit back and relax we are here to clean your home by the time we are done it will look as good as new, Why wait call us today. Our Process Of Working We, with the help of our talented professional staff and cleaning techniques, we clean your home with a smile, Our cleaning agents fight the dirt, spots, and marks with everything they have got to make your Home look, fresh, clean, and almost new. What Is Inclusive In Our Full Home Deep Cleaning Service, Complete deep cleaning of the house includes all rooms, bathrooms, kitchen and balconies. Dusting and cleaning of fans, lights, windows, railings, cabinets and switchboards. Dry vacuum cleaning of sofas, carpets, curtains and mattresses. Dry wiping of walls and ceilings. Scrubbing of flooring using suitable machinery. Complete sanitization of house using professional grade biodegradable chemicals from Diversey. Professional equipment includes Single Disk Machine, Vacuum Cleaner, Steam Machine and Dusters. (IF REQUIRED) Services not included: Cleaning of utensils. Washing walls and ceiling. Floor polishing. Wet shampooing of blinds, chair, sofa and carpets. Polishing of wooden furniture and flooring. Usage of Single Disk Machine for individual services. Please Note: Wardrobes, tables and trolleys will need to be cleared before the cleaning service starts for internal cleaning. We Take Pride In Our Work Professional and talented cleaning staff to do your clean your home for you. Removal of stains using advance shampoos and products Clean and Crisp environment. We clean with a smile.
  • What is Sofa Cleaing Services including and how to work?
    SOFA CLEANING WET AND DRY Do you want some spotless sofa cleaning in your house? Does the task seem too tedious and tough for you? Well, when MY SOFA CLEANING is here, why worry? We are one of the best providers of cleaning services. We provide on-site cleaning options and other services in Ahmedabad, where our office is situated. With MY SOFA CLEANING, you will surely get the best. Our Sofa Cleaning Services MY SOFA CLEANING is well-known for the upholstery services of cleaning that it provides in Ahmedabad and nearby areas. We are certainly the best in cleaning Sofa-cum-beds, Recliners, Couches and most importantly, sofas. Be it any kind; you can be sure that we’ll clean it effortlessly. With an experienced and talented staff, we have accomplished many cleaning goals over the last few years. The Carpet cleaning services that we provide revolve around a series of techniques. Interested? Well, read on ahead to find out. Isn’t it a bit annoying to clean your pet’s hair from the sofa? I mean, there are so many. Plus, keeping your babies safe from the hairs on the sofa is an ordeal as well. We are here as your ultimate solution to the problem. With MY SOFA CLEANING, you will have a method that not only efficiently cleans your sofa but also makes sure that these methods are safe for the sofa material as well. We absolutely know what we are doing, at the job. The cleaners that we provide are trained. Also, they are equipped with all the necessary tools and understanding. So worry not, people as our services are absolutely of a high-quality. We certainly boast of great customer service, and you will get to know that once you choose us. So why waste time. Just dial the number and contact us. Choose Us, And You Get A clean sofa without you having to move a finger Top-class agents to keep your sofa clean and safe Stains removed efficiently and the shine of your sofa restored Quick and easy drying, odor free.
  • What is Disinfection ( Sanitization) Service?
    What is Disinfection ( Sanitization) Service? Sanitizing is the process of lowering the bacterial numbers to below a certain percentage. Sanitizing is the removal of contaminants that could grow bacteria. WHAT IS STERILE FUME? Sterilizing is the complete destruction of Bacteria and Virus In MY SOFA CLEANING we do Sanitization with Sterilization – this way it is more effective as it not only brings down bacterial numbers but it also DESTROYS the VIRUS. Why STERILE FUME? STERILE FUME is cleaning an article of some or all of the pathogenic organisms which may cause infection. Why Now? Sporadic cases of COVID- 19 and other bacteria and virus related infections How STERILE FUME Service – Microbial Disinfection helps? Sterile Fume Spray – Microbial Disinfection is an effective treatment designed by MY SOFA CLEANING Sterile Fume – uses a unique formulation with powerful composition that surpasses all other disinfectants. Sterile Fume will be carried out with the selected chemical using Ultralow volume misting machines (ulvs). Ensure all sensitive equipment’s such as PCs, photocopier machine, printers and etc. are covered with plastic sheets or newspaper and all air conditions are turned “off” prior to this treatment being carried out The enclosed treatment area will be exposed with the solution for a minimum of 03 hours Premise is ready to use after 03 hours of the treatment.
  • What is Bathroom cleaning including and how to work?
    BATHROOM DEEP CLEANING Don’t you want your bathroom to sparkle as soon as you enter it? Well, cleaning the bathroom is certainly one of the tasks that make it possible. Who doesn’t love to have a clean and fresh-smelling bathroom, to begin with? But the cleaning part is something that not everyone likes to do. With MY SOFA CLEANING, it won’t be a problem at all. Handle us your bathroom cleaning requirements and we shall comply with every request you have. See The Bathroom In A New Light Everyone wants a clean bathroom. With us, that is possible. In short, we make your dreams of having a beautiful, clean bathroom turn into reality. MY SOFA CLEANING is the best providers of bathroom deep cleaning services in the area of Ahmadabad. Our services are the most reliable and trusted ones in the cleaning industry. We have a following of customers who are extremely happy with our services. Believe us when we tell you that we have a customer satisfaction result of 100%. When it comes to cleaning a bathroom, expertise is important. This is exactly what you will get with our world-class expert cleaning professional agents. We believe in diligently cleaning your bathroom. By disinfecting your bathroom, we make it sparkly clean again. Isn’t that great? Well, of course, it is. Our trained experts reach every single corner of the bathroom to find and eliminate the dirt and mold. We also cater to the needs of toilet cleaning, sink cleaning, and other services as well. With Our Services You Get -: A properly sparkling and amazingly cleaned bathroom -: Hard stains from water removed efficiently -: Shining and clean fittings, taps -: Wall and floor tiles scrubbed clean to remove dirt & stains -: Effective and efficient cleaning of the sink & WC
  • What Is Kitchen Cleaning Service including and how to work?
    KITCHEN DEEP CLEANING The kitchen is considered the heart of the home. It is the most important part of any household. It’s the place where our delicious meals are cooked, our tea is brewed, our cakes are baked. Some families have their food in the kitchen too. For all the cooking lovers out there, we understand how important it is to have a clean and properly functioning kitchen. Well, all hail MY SOFA CLEANING as we are here to provide you the ultimate solution for all your problems regarding kitchen cleaning. Keep your worries aside and let us tackle them with our efficient service and amazing enthusiasm. The kitchen is also the place where we store our grains, vegetables, fruits and flour. So, keeping the kitchen spick and span is extremely imperative for each and every family. The health and well-being of your loved ones is linked with the hygiene of your kitchen. Agreed that we keep our kitchens clean as much as possible, but we always miss a spot or two. Plus, the greasy stoves, oily walls and sticky countertops need special cleaning solutions and chemicals. This is where we need to call in the experts. MY SOFA CLEANING in Ahmedabad is one of the finest service providers in kitchen deep cleaning. Kitchen Deep Cleaning comprises of multiple activities – dusting shelves, wiping cabinet doors, cleaning the countertop and stove, washing the kitchen walls, etc. These activities require special chemicals and disinfectants. These also need specific tools to get rid of the grease and stain. MY SOFA CLEANING has cleaning experts with the right tools and chemicals to give your kitchen that sparkly new feel. MY SOFA CLEANING provides one of the best Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services in Ahmedabad. Our staff is well trained and skilled in handling Kitchen Deep cleaning and maintenance. MY SOFA CLEANING uses the latest and certified disinfectants and chemicals to deep clean your kitchen. Our team is also trained in using tools to sanitize your kitchen. MY SOFA CLEANING follows a strict protocol in recruiting cleaning staff. Our staff is hired through reference. They undergo background checks and Police verification before they are hired to safeguard our customer’s businesses. We also maintain hygiene and healthcare of our staff which results in peace of mind for our customers. The staff is regularly checked for safety reasons. We guarantee best quality services with positive results. Choose Us, And You Will Get Grease removed from different spots of your kitchen such as chimney and stove Scrubbed tiles and walls to eliminate oil and food stains Sink area wiped clean to remove the marks and stains Sink area wiped clean to remove the marks and stains Cabinet doors dusted and wiped clean Note. Cleaning of utensils is not included & arrange & re-arrange in Kitchen Cleaning.
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