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Sanitization Services by My Sofa Cleaning in Ahmedabad

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

All About Disinfection.

Sanitization Services by My Sofa Cleaning in Ahmedabad
Sanitization Services by My Sofa Cleaning in Ahmedabad

In these unprecedented times where the world is battling a pandemic together, we have learnt how precious our lives are. We have already changed our lifestyles, with health and hygiene preceding all our top priorities. Especially when we're fiving with aged people and children around the household, the measures we take to disinfect and sterilize our homes are double-fold. Similarly, if you have an office, your employees' well-being is your responsibility. But don't worry. My Sofa Cleaning sanitization services will help keep our environment safe from the harmful pathogens and viruses with our state-of-art arrangements and a geared-up proficient team.

How Can MY SOFA CLEANING Professional Disinfecting Services Near Me Help

The professional disinfection and sanitization services provided by companies like My Sofa Cleaning send across specialized teams of trained experts. Our service not only leaves homes or workspaces spic and span but also clinically cleans at an affordable price. Our professionals use hospital-grade disinfectant cleaners to disinfect the area thoroughly. They implement various methods like fogging or spraying to sanitize and disinfect high touchpoint surfaces like the fridge door, oven handy, etc. which we cannot do so with our household sanitizers or bleach and other tools. Here are some reasons to consider professional sanitization services:

  • Virus-free surroundings: The chemicals used by a professional sanitization service to sanitize any space is of hospital grade, ensuring only the most effective results. These hospital-grade chemicals kill disease-causing viruses as well as remove other harmful germs and bacteria.

  • Certified, hospital-grade chemicals: The disinfectants used by My Sofa Cleaning are amongst those certified by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) to be used for the purpose of sanitizing any space to ensure that it is virus-free.

  • Total sanitization guaranteed: A professional sanitization service includes fumigation of the entire area followed by a wiping of the high-touch points such as doors, handles, switchboards and taps – for a complete and thorough disinfection.

  • Safety ensured: The sanitization service professionals part of My Sofa Cleaning have been thoroughly trained in the safety protocols and hygiene standards set by the World Health Organisation (WHO). They are equipped with protective gear, which includes a full body suit, masks, shoe covers and gloves, and feed their daily temperature into their profiles on the app to ensure thot they share their current health status with those concerned.

How is MY SOFA CLEANING Sanitization Service Carried Out?

  • It all begins with your confirmed booking of the sanitization service on the My Sofa Cleaning app or website.

  • The team of trained professionals will visit your space with the necessary equipment

  • v After the household articles are tucked away and covered, the team begins with fumigation or fog spraying the whole area with hospital-grade disinfectants. According to the square-feet dimension of the area, it is a two-hour-long process or more. An hour after the completion of the process, one can enter a disinfected area.


divya kapoor
divya kapoor

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