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Here’s what is included in an AC service?


Our experts will check the air filter at the time of servicing. You should also check the air filter every month.


Our technicians at My Sofa Cleaning clean different parts of the AC like the compressor,condenser,evaporator coils,air handler and drainage line.


At the end, they will observe AC function and check refrigerant levels to make sure it’s the right level through a complete cycle.


What is AC General Service?


Sometimes your AC doesn’t work or doesn't make the air cold enough. If it happens, it’s time to get an AC service:


What we includes:


  • We clean and remove AC filters.


  • We use brushes and flushes to clean the fan blower.


  • We also use water jet spray technique. 

AC Services Ahmedabad

PriceFrom ₹299.00
  • Gas Likege, Repair Remote, Coil, Pipe, Stand, Charges Extra For The Installation.

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