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Kitchen Cleaning Service in Ahmedabad

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

All About Kitchen Deep Cleaning.

Kitchen Cleaning Service In Ahmedabad
Kitchen Cleaning Service In Ahmedabad

Is grease building up in your kitchen on the tiles, electrical fixtures and tiles? Does your kitchen smell of tadka and masala? Then, it is time to deep clean your kitchen. Regular cooking can lead to a build-up of grease and dirt overtime which can be very difficult to get rid of in the kitchen. You need to use special cleaning products and equipment to tackle each material whether they are your kitchen tiles, floor, appliances, chimney, switchboards or countertop. If you do not have the time or resources to take on this challenge of deep cleaning your kitchen, then you must hire professionals for this task.

When Should You Book Kitchen Cleaning Services?

1. Every month to keep your kitchen clean and sanitized

2. Whenever you see grease, oil stains building up in your kitchen

3. As soon as you see pests such as ants, cockroaches, fruit flies, etc. so that you can prevent the pest infestation from getting out of hand

4. Before moving into a new home

5. After renovation work

6. Before or after a party or get together

Why My Sofa Cleaning?

1. Trusted Service Providers: You can trust the service providers sent by My Sofa Cleaning for the kitchen cleaning service since we run background checks on professionals before registering them. We also verify that they are well-trained and have relevant experience in the field. We have stringent selection criteria so only the best service professionals get registered with us.

2. Reasonable Rates: We offer our kitchen deep cleaning services at reasonable rates. This helps our customers avail the services whenever they need instead of worrying about spending too much. We also offer an insurance coverage of up to Rs. 10,000 for our kitchen cleaning services so that our customers can stay assured that any accidental damage that happens during the service will be covered.

3. Complete Sanitisation: While providing you with high-quality services, we never let your health suffer at any point. Our service providers use professional kitchen cleaning tools and biodegradable chemicals to completely sanitise your kitchen. This enables them to clean the kitchen effectively without posing a risk to the heathy of your family.

What Does Our Professional Kitchen Cleaning Include?

1. The cleaning and disinfecting of windows, ceiling fans, exhaust fans, switchboards, doors, door handles, gas knobs, burners, chimney hoods, kitchen sink, all other stainless steel and chrome fittings, storage cabinets, etc.

2 Washing, wiping and disinfecting of all surfaces including the tiles, floor, etc.

3. External cleaning of kitchen appliances such as microwave, fridge, toaster, etc.

4. Removal of stains and grease from all surfaces

5. Removing and re-arranging of the utensils in the cabinets (if you choose the kitchen cleaning with utensil removal option)


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